Yuto is a baby character who appears mainly in Babysitting Mama. The doll that the player can use for playing is based off him, and he has appeared multiple times since. Mainly in online content from Cooking Mama World. He is voiced by Ryoko Ono.


Yuto is the son of Mama's neighbor, Miss DeBrone. Yuto is small, mischievous, and fun. Mama loves to babysit him whenever Miss DeBrone has to do errands. Yuto is from the city and he has spunk, mischief, and a little playful in many ways.


As Yuto is a baby, he isn't very developed as of yet. He is pale skinned with brown-black eyes and is usually seen smiling widely or crying. Yuto has a short puff of bangs that are very pale orange-brown in color in the center of his forehead. He is noseless just like many other characters in the game.

Yuto often wears a light blue one-piece baby outfit with a pale yellow themed bib. He can often be found holding a light pink bear shaped rattle.


  • A baby resembling Yuto appears in one of the mini games from Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop, where the player has to keep the baby from crying by shaking the many rattles surrounding it. It is unknown if it is Yuto, and if so, is his mother.
  • It is unknown if Yuto is related to Mama in any shape or form. In Cooking Mama 3, the baby resembling Yuto is held by a teenage mother who looks as if she would be related to Mama somehow.
  • Yuto's eyes resembles Mama's and William's.
  • His name means "With hot water" in Japanese.