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The Sweets Madam is a character introduced in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop. Her interactions with the player expands content in World Challenge, a minigame mode in which the player builds up several global shops to sell their sweets.



She has shoulder-length slightly curled blonde hair with her bangs neatly brushed back and her forelocks framing her face. She has a beauty mark by her lower left lip and she wears light blue eye-shadow and neutral tone lip product.

Her attire consists of a stylish red hat with white band and a red off-shoulder dress with white detail at the middle, black heels, a large pearl necklace, and red earrings.


Despite what may be suggested from her wealth, the Sweets Madam is not snobbish nor does she flaunts her status around. Her dialogue with the player (and Mama) is polite, even if she does not immediately receive the sweets she requests.


A wealthy woman traveling the world in search of delicious sweets. Her dream is to find sweets she likes, and promote them globally. If the madam likes your sweets, your shop might expand across the world!

World Challenge

Sweets Madam.png

To unlock each global shop, the player must complete the prerequisite recipes which includes placing them into your shop. Afterwards, the Sweets Madam will request a sweet that is not in store yet before leaving. After completing the requested recipe, the Sweets Madam will open the corresponding shop for play. Scoring at least 10,000 in each minigame unlocks cultural clothing that can be purchased in the Let's Shop mode.

Cupcake Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Zuccotto to receive Cupcake

Requirement: Complete Cupcake recipe

Map Location: Moscow, Russia

Window Background: St. Basil's Cathedral

Minigame: Separate them into boxes!

Cookie Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Stained Glass Cookies to receive Ginger Cookies

Requirement: Complete Ginger Cookies recipe

Map Location: Giza, Egypt

Window Background: Giza Pyramids

Minigame: Add the cookies!

Macaroon Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Macaroon to receive Macaroon Tower

Requirement: Complete Macaroon Tower recipe

Map Location: Hawaii, United States

Window Background: Beach with Palm Trees

Minigame: Make macaroons!

Donut Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Churros to receive Chocolate Donuts

Requirement: Complete Chocolate Donuts recipe

Map Location: New York City, United States

Window Background: Statue of Liberty with New York Cityscape

Minigame: Place the donuts!

Eclair Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Eclair to receive Eclair Fruit Sandwich

Requirement: Complete Eclair Fruit Sandwich recipe

Map Location: Paris, France

Window Background: Arc de Triomphe

Minigame: Spread the chocolate!

Castella Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Taiyaki to receive Bell-shaped Castella

Requirement: Complete Bell-shaped Castella recipe

Map Location: Canada

Window Background: Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Minigame: Skewer the castella!

Creme Brulee Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Pudding a la Mode to receive Creme Brulee

Requirement: Complete Creme Brulee recipe

Map Location: Tokyo, Japan

Window Background: Mt. Fuji

Minigame: Make creme brulee!

Whoopie Pie Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Marshmallow Chocolate Sticks to receive Whoopie Pie

Requirement: Complete Whoopie Pie recipe

Map Location: Beijing, China

Window Background: Great Wall of China

Minigame: Arrange them neatly!

Chocolate Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Chocolate Banana to receive Heart-shaped Chocolate

Requirement: Complete Heart-shaped Chocolate recipe

Map Location: London, England

Window Background: Big Ben

Minigame: Put them in the box!

Swiss Roll Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Candle Cake to receive Swiss Roll

Requirement: Complete Swiss Roll recipe

Map Location: Agra, India

Window Background: Taj Mahal

Minigame: Cut it evenly!

Ice Cream Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Colorful Mille Crepe to receive Soft Serve Ice Cream

Requirement: Complete Soft Serve Ice Cream recipe

Map Location: Brazil

Window Background: Maracana Stadium

Minigame: Make soft serve ice cream!

Candy Shop

Prerequisite: Complete Thinly-sliced Apple Pie to receive Lollipop Candy

Requirement: Complete Lollipop Candy recipe

Map Location: Sydney, Australia

Window Background: Sydney Opera House

Minigame: Add the candy!


"The sweets in this shop look quite appetizing. Good day! I am the Sweets Madam." - introduction

"Do you have this sweet in your shop? Oh, it seems you don't. How unfortunate.. I wanted to taste the sweets you've made. I'll have to come back some time." - requesting for sweet and leaving

"Hello! I thought I'd drop by again. Oh! That's the sweet I asked for last time. You made it? I'll take one, thank you!" - after requested sweet has been made

"Simply delicious!" - if requested sweet was perfectly made

"You must share this with the world! I'll have your shop set up right away!" - preparing to set up shop

"Right on! The place is..." - selecting location for shop

"It's your store so good luck!" - after setting up shop