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Max is Mama's dog. He has made several appearances in the series.


Max is a light, cream-tan colored dog reminiscent of a Labrador retriever. He has a big brown nose and black eyes. His ears are darker than his body, and he has a fluffy tail.

Normally Max can be found wearing a chef toque and red bandanna around his neck.


Max means well, but he is generally troublesome; especially when it concerns food. However, he loves his family deeply and will try to be helpful.


Cooking Mama: World Kitchen

He appears in various backgrounds and in a few of the mini-games to cause trouble for the player.

Cooking Mama 3: Shop and Chop

He only made a cameo as a brand in one of the recipes.

Crafting Mama

He appeared in various pictures, in the minigames on a target. If you touch the window he will bark at you, then take off.

Babysitting Mama

He appears in a couple mini-games and a game where you wipe the mess that a panicked Ichigo accidentally made on the floor.

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic

He appears in a cooking mini-game where you have to pull the strings up where he doesn't get the persimmons. He also appears in a couple helping mini-games.


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