Crafting Mama is one of the many spin-off games Mama has been featured in. It came on October 26th. Coming around the same time as Babysitting Mama.

In this game, one could make all sorts of different crafts ranging from clay pots, kites, dolls, earrings, and much much more for a total of more then 40 crafts and projects!

Unlike the main stream games, this game doesn't feature unloackable outfit pieces and trophies. Instead the player can have Mama wear certain objects they have made, and also change certain features. For more info on what is changeable, view "Wearable Items" further down on the page.


In this game there are 2 main modes but 5 in total. They are:

  • Let's Craft - the main mode of the game, like its normal series counterpart. In this mode the player can pick a craft/project and make stuff to unlock more crafts and items for Mama to wear.
  • Mystery Crafting - In this mode the player will make a mystery craft! Upon completion they gain another to do. There are 12 in total but they are the same items as in the main mode.
  • Craft Collection - Here is where one can play minigames with mostly all of the crafts earned or change certain features with them. Some crafts have multiple forms and appearences one has to make in order to add them to the collection.
  • Mama's Gallery - As one beats the game, a new little present will be unlocked. Scroll down further for info on each one!
  • Crafting Party - Multiplayer mode!
  • Options Menu


  1. Squirt Gun
  2. Earrings
  3. Paper Sumo
  4. Pressed Flower
  5. Ocarina
  6. Candle
  7. Pinwheel
  8. Needle Felting
  9. Bamboo-copter
  10. Floral Garland
  11. Paper Airplane
  12. Deco Sweets
  13. Wind Chime
  14. Balloon Art
  15. Boomerang
  16. Xylophone
  17. Mama Tower
  18. Origami Mama
  19. Patchwork Tapestry
  20. Balancing Toy
  21. Kaleidoscope
  22. Necklace
  23. Clock
  24. Japanese Kite
  25. Dried Flower
  26. Hair Band
  27. Maracas
  28. Scarf
  29. Felt Doll
  30. Embroidery
  31. Stamp
  32. Dice
  33. Mug
  34. Bird House
  35. Jar
  36. Dish
  37. Cushion
  38. Apron
  39. Ribbon
  40. Kerchief


Each item has a minigame that comes with it when viewing the item in the Collection. The object used in the minigame will change to match the one you currently have selected. (For example, if you made a pink apron then Ichigo will be wearing it.)

Each minigame has 2 gold coins to be earned and when both are won a gold badge/coin icon appears behind the object. The minigames include:

  • Catch Apples using the Apron
  • Stack cushions with Ichigo
  • Clean the Kerchief
  • Put the ribbons into the matching design spaces
  • Fix your Mama Doll
  • Pick the cup that is hiding the accessory
  • Find the difference with the patches
  • Touch the girl wearing the matching necklace
  • Find the pairs of earrings
  • Touch the center of the faces that pass by
  • Generate electricty by breathing into the Mic or moving the fan to spin the pinwheel
  • Throw the boomerang to pop balloons
  • Give the Hair Band to the friend at the right time
  • Fly the Airplane by blowing into the Microphone
  • Play Paper Sumo
  • Deliver the gift
  • Carry the Jar
  • Deliver the Mug
  • Play the Ocarina
  • Carry the dishes
  • Load the deco sweets onto the box
  • Catch with your finger
  • Play the Xylophone
  • Take pictures of each bird that pops out of the bird house
  • Play Mama Tower
  • Fly the Bamboo-copter
  • Shoot the targets
  • Raise the kite
  • Give Floral garlands
  • Take out the bookmarks on each page one is shown on
  • Pop the balloons
  • Make floral wreaths
  • Stamp each document properly
  • Blow out the candles
  • Take a peek
  • Make a yarn ball by moving the ball of yarn in the indicated direction
  • Ring the wind chime
  • Embroider a lot!
  • Touch the time
  • Shake the maracas

Wearable Items

This is a list for the crafts one can use to personalize Mama or change little aspects like the clock or wallpaper.

  • Apron: Changes the color/pattern of Mama's apron
  • Kerchief: Same as above
  • Ribbon: Give Mama a cute hair bow
  • Patchwork Tapestry: Changes background
  • Necklace: Give mama a cute necklace
  • Earrings: Same as above
  • Hair Band: Choose one to make Mama wear
  • Floral Garland: Same as above
  • Scarf: Give one to Mama
  • Embroidery: Adds a small cute patch to Mama's pocket on her Apron
  • Clock: Changes the clock in the upper corner

Mama's Gallery

For each sucessful craft/project completed, Mama will recieve a new item in her Gallery. Each can be viewed or animated by tapping them with your Stylus.

  • Lamp: Turns on
  • Record Player: makes music
  • Toy Chest: toys pop out
  • Mama Doll: cutely poses
  • Camera: Snaps a photo
  • Fireplace: Fire comes on
  • Cactus: Blooms tiny flowers
  • Drawer 1: yarn ball pops out
  • Drawer 2: Ruler comes out
  • Pillows: Puff themselves
  • Window: Max pops in
  • Teddy bear: Stands up to wave
  • Cukoo-Clock: Bird chirps
  • Plant: Watered and sparkles
  • Drawer 3: Dust flies out
  • Drawer 4: Scissors appear
  • Pictures: Mama with Takuya and Max, Mama and Ichigo with giant Strawberry, Ichigo's birthday, Daisy field Mama and Max, Mama and Max, Autumn, Mama and Ichigo as cheeleaders, Mama with frosting, Mama and Ichigo make a snowman of Papa, and lastly a chinese new year photo