Cooking mama 3
Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop
is the sixth installment in the Cooking Mama series and is the third in the main handheld "cooking" series.


This game has the most options to choose from on the main page. The modes are limited to 5 different things:

  • Cook with Mama: The main, basic mode where one practices or completes dishes.
  • Let's Cook: This mode is the same as previous, the player picks a character to cook for and has to complete the dish without any help from Mama. A harder mode can also be played
  • Let's Match: This lets the player pick two ingredients to make a new dish. There are a total of 15 dishes to make.
  • Let's Shop: The newest mode put into the game! Playing as Ichigo the player must guide her around picking up the items on Mama's list. For more info, see the Let's Shop page!
  • Cooking Contest: Here the player can either perform a Solo Challange or against their friends.

Besides these, the player can also check options, write in the diary, change Mama's appearance, or Change the kitchens design.



  1. Marshmallows
  2. Candy Apples
  3. French Cruller
  4. Pickles
  5. Korean Barbecue
  6. Baumkuchen
  7. Vongole Bianco
  8. Fried Shrimp
  9. Mochi with Edamame Paste
  10. Cabbage Rolls
  11. Tempura
  12. Sushi
  13. Nagashi Somen Noodles
  14. Cheese Risotto
  15. Dried Squid
  16. Smoked Rainbow Trout
  17. Serrano Ham and Melon
  18. Matcha Green Tea
  19. Raw Oysters
  20. Fortune Cookies
  21. Samosas
  22. Potato Wedges
  23. Gazpacho
  24. Tofu Hamburger
  25. Pickled Radish
  26. Pumpkin Gnocchi
  27. Trout Sushi
  28. Instant Ramen
  29. Parfait
  30. Vegetable Terrine
  31. Creme Brulee
  32. Salt-Roasted Sweetfish
  33. Dora-Yaki
  34. Shortcake
  35. Banana Muffins
  36. Lemon Pie
  37. Chili Con Carne
  38. Mapo Tofu
  39. Crab Cream Croquette
  40. Tortoiseshell Candy
  41. Chicken Tulips
  42. Tofu Skin
  43. Hamburger
  44. Fried Egg on Toast
  45. Lasagna
  46. Eclairs
  47. Tofu Pancakes
  48. Instant Stir-Fried Noodles
  49. Salt-Baked Sea Bream
  50. Panini
  51. Octopus Dumplings
  52. Simmered Vegetables
  53. Turban Cooked in its Shell
  54. Beefsteak
  55. Sardine Escabeche
  56. Minestrone
  57. Cornbread
  58. Soba Noodles
  59. Affogato
  60. Strawberry Bavarois
  61. Pizza
  62. Fruit Punch
  63. Barbecue Skewer
  64. Egg Tofu
  65. Mama Bread
  66. Omelette
  67. Beef Bowl
  68. Rice-stuffed Squid
  69. Stewed Vegetable Rice Bowl
  70. Matsutake Mushroom Rice
  71. Salisbury Steak
  72. Savory Egg Custard
  73. Potato Salad
  74. Mushroom Quiche
  75. Chop Suey
  76. Curry
  77. Meatloaf
  78. Fish and Chips
  79. Fish and Mushrooms in Foil
  80. German Mushroom Potatoes

Unlockable Content


  • Mama: Yellow, soft blue, red, green, black
  • T-shirt and overalls: yellow and blue, pale blue and pink, red and yellow, black and green, yellow and black
  • Cute Dress: Yellow and blue, red and black, black and pink, green and purple, pink and red
  • Pretty Dress: Pink and red, green and blue, orange-yellow and pink, blue and green, brown and orange
  • Chinese Dress: Red and green, blue and yellow, yellow and red, Green and blue, purple and blue
  • Dutch: White and red with green, pale pink and blue with pink, pale yellow and green with blue, white and pink with yellow, pale blue and orange with blue
  • Winter Dress: Blue and gray, red and black, yellow and gray, green and black, purple and gray
  • Chef: Blue and green, pink and red, white and yellow, white and blue, white and purple
  • Kimono: Red, yellow, blue, green, black
  • Meido/Maid: Black and red, blue and orange, green and pink, red and green, yellow and black
  • Santa: Red, yellow, green, blue, pink


  • Glasses: Frameless, red horn-rim, round green, sunglasses, yellow oval, yellow sunglasses, blue stars, librarian, swirly
  • Earrings: Cresent moons, green flowers, teardrops, black gems with gold border
  • Head: Maid, kitty, crown, bunny, Chef, lovely headband/tiara, red bow on headband, flower chain, heart headband,dog ears
  • Ribbons: double green bows, red tropical flower, sunglasses with pink lenses, crown
  • Bandana: Pink, yellow, blue, red, green


Like in the previous game, kitchen tools and what-not can be altered by color. They do not need to be unlocked.


  • Frying Pan - Yellow, red, green, blue, pink
  • Pot - Same as above
  • Knife - Blue, red, orange, yellow, green
  • Cutting Board - Blue, pink, yellow, green, gray/white
  • Grinder - Yellow and blue, red and teal, blue and yellow, gold and purple, green and neon pink
  • Peeler - Blue, pink, red, yellow, green
  • Oven - Blue and yellow, red and purple, orange and blue, yellow and purple, green and pink
  • Mixer - Blue, red, yellow, green, orange
  • Meat slicer - Blue, Red, orange, yellow, green
  • Blender - Blue, red, orange, yellow, green


  • Counter - yellow, pink, blue, green, gray/white
  • Stove Top - Blue, pink, green, orange, yellow
  • Sink - Blue, pink, yellow, green, gray/white

Top Screen

  • Background - Roses, blue floral, pink sparkles, daisies green grass, evening sparkles with pink and purple border, garden window, winter, chinese, building, beach, Christmas
  • Clock - Blue heart plate, orange slice, plate, kiwi, cookie
  • Scale - Yellow, pink, blue, green, purple


Like in the last game, a Diary feature can be used to save favored recipes and what-not. Many more pages of entry can be used and like previously they can be deleted to make more room or if the diary page is no longer desired. An update on features was added also. On each Diary page the player can place a character on the page, go back to the main page, add stickers, move them, and use the magnifying glass to animate them.

There are a total of 189 stickers one can collect in all. They are as followed:

  • Border: Wood frame, curtains, hearts, clouds, gems, flowers, roses, stripe frame, diary page
  • Messages: Happy Birthday, New Year, Christmas, Very good, Love and peace
  • Weather: Smiley sun, gloomy clouds, storm cloud, angry cloud, peaceful cloud
  • Eyes: Shock, Anger, Sleepy/annoyed, > <, Angry, cat, Love, teary, girly, swirly
  • Lips: Lipstick, Happy, Grrr, Fangs, tongue, dog, kitty, pig, wide, big grin
  • Facial: kitty whiskers, Santa, mustache, curly mustache, beard
  • Ears/Head: Kitty ears, puppy, bunny, horns, red bow, ribbon headband, antennae, maid, headphones, earmuffs
  • Character Heads: All characters in game except Ichigo, an Angry Mama
  • Foods: Pudding, ice cream, cake, snow cone, candy, lollipop, plain ice cream, cheese, donut, chocolate
  • Drinks: Orange juice, Wine, tropical, tea, Chinese tea
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Tomato, eggplant, potato, pepper, carrot, melon, apple, orange, grape, strawberry
  • Glasses: glasses, sunglasses, swirly, mask, flying, funny, scuba, lovely, green half frames, small
  • Hats: green hat, top hat, chef, sun hat, wizard/witch, fancy red, cowboy, takoyaki server, cone, queen/king
  • Holidays: Balloon, popper, ball, ghost, jack-o-lantern, pumpkin, present, decoration, egg, dinosaur egg
  • Emoticons: Happy, sad, alert, calm, angry
  • Animals: Puppy, kitty, bunny, hamster, bat, frog, butterfly, bee, caterpillar, fish
  • Christmas: Christmas tree, snowman, Santa hat, mini cake, decorative beads/pearls
  • Decorative: flowery, Christmas lights, stars, ribbons, jewelry
  • Random: Clock, umbrella, light bulb, grandfather clock, thermometer, pinwheel, paper fan, rain ghost, toothbrush and cup, rattle
  • Cooking tools: Pot, blender, teapot, toaster, knife and fork
  • Emotes: Sweatdrop, hearts, music note, question mark, exclamation mark
  • Hands: Puppy paws, kitty paws, peace, double wave, thumbs up
  • Shiny: Heart, Diamond, Moon, Star, gems
  • Flowers: Tulip, rose, daisy, sunflower, carnation, potted, group, pink, wild, beautiful bunch
  • Neck Wear: Scarf, necklace, tie, cravat/napkin, neckerchief
  • Toys: Toy car, doll, boat, air balloon, teddy bear
  • Crayons: Red (flower), Yellow (star), Blue (fish), Green (Leaf), Pink (Heart)


A total of four trophies could be unlocked in this game:

  • One for receiving gold on all Cook with Mama
  • Unlocking all items
  • Unlocking all of Mama's friends
  • Receiving gold for both the normal AND hard on Let's Cook


  • This was the first handheld game that Ichigo appears in.
  • Natasha is the only character who does not return in this game after Dinner with Friends.
  • Cameo Items found in Game: A Yoshi egg, Haruhi's headband with bows, a DS system. 
  • While the previous game included a cute Christmas theme automatically in the system during December, this feature is removed. Instead the player can get the theme and use it whenever. 
  • Players can link others Gardening Mama games to this one in order to use items collected in it for recipes, like the giant strawberry, gold apple, star potato, etc.
    • This is the only game with an additional content feature from linking two games.  
  • This game is the last game where Mama sounded as she did. Starting with the games following she would receive a cleaner English voice for American releases and a slightly modified Japanese voice for the Asian versions. 
  • If you are on the results and you leave the game, the game will be saved. 
  • Let's Shop was originally supposed to be much more incomplete, according to pre-release screenshots.