Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is one of the few installments in the Cooking Mama franchise. This game was first released in Japan on November 6, 2014, but was released worldwide on May 16, 2017, courtesy to Office Create's partnership with Rising Star Games. This is the last game to be released for the 3DS, being available in both physical and digital copies via the Nintendo eShop.

In this game, the player is running a sweets shop that will progressively expands in size the more you create and complete recipes. The game utilizes the gyroscope system of the 3DS and the same controls as that of Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic and Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! Just like in previous installments, the game includes 60 different recipes and over 160 minigames to play, including a multiplayer mode that can support two to four players simultaneously.

Although Majesco Entertainment, the company that provides Mama's American voice, has been discontinued, the U.S. release of this game has continued using Mama's accented English. The specific audio files used appear to be the same as that of Cooking Mama Let's Cook!, being the last game that was released while Majesco was still in the entertainment industry, and is currently being tended by Office Create with updates.

As this wiki primarily accommodates Western releases, this game will be chronologically featured after Cooking Mama Let's Cook! (2015), even though it was first sold in Japan in 2014.


  • My Sweets Shop: The main mode of this game.
    • Let's Make Sweets: The first main mode where you create all of your unlocked recipes.
    • My Shop: The second main mode where you manage your shop and sell your sweets.
    • Let's Shop: Trade in tickets earned from selling sweets to purchase all of your customization options!
    • Photo Studio: An album section where you view all the pictures you have taken of your sweets.
    • World Challenge: The minigame section of this game. Build up several global shops to sell your sweets, then play minigames are you package them for your customers.
    • Mama's Gallery: View and select the customization options you purchased, including clothing, utensils, furniture, wallpapers, and clocks.
  • Let's Play Together!: The multiplayer mode of this game, which supports 2 to 4 players at once.


  1. Bûche de Noël
  2. Pear Charlotte
  3. Crepe
  4. Cream Puffs
  5. Caramel Apple
  6. Chocolate Truffles
  7. Decorated Cake
  8. Fruit Tartlet
  9. Baked Cheese Cake
  10. Pancake
  11. Sakuramochi
  12. Honey Toast
  13. Pudding
  14. Zuccotto
  15. Mont Blanc
  16. Stained Glass Cookies
  17. Yogurt Bavarian
  18. Macaroon
  19. Croquembouche
  20. Cupcake
  21. Churros
  22. Ginger Cookies
  23. Eclair
  24. Macaroon Tower
  25. Taiyaki
  26. Mango Pudding
  27. Chocolate Donuts
  28. Gingerbread House
  29. Eclair Fruit Sandwich
  30. Wedding Cake
  31. Bell-Shaped Castella
  32. Pudding a la Mode
  33. Caramel Popcorn
  34. Marshmallow Chocolate Sticks
  35. Miroir Chocolat
  36. Chocolate Banana
  37. Snow Cone
  38. Creme Brulee
  39. Candle Cake
  40. Whoopie Pie
  41. Nougat
  42. Heart-shaped Chocolate
  43. Colorful Mille Crepe
  44. Pancake Tower
  45. Swiss Roll
  46. Dora-yaki
  47. Grapefruit Granita
  48. Finger Biscuits
  49. Soft Serve Ice Cream
  50. Marble Rare Cheese Cake
  51. Cherry Pie
  52. Strawberry Daifuku
  53. Thinly-sliced Apple Pie
  54. Fruit Jelly
  55. Baumkuchen
  56. Sachertorte
  57. Chiffon Cake
  58. Chestnut Yokan
  59. Lollipop Candy
  60. Parfait


  • Sweets Complete: Unlock all the recipes and play them at least once
  • Costume Collector: Collect all the cultural clothing from playing the minigames in World Challenge


  • This is the first game in the Cooking Mama series where Mama has complete and fleshed-out dialogues presented in a text box format, while other games only present short phrases.
  • Due to the decline of the overall sales, this is the last game to be released on the 3DS, as confirmed by Rising Star Games, the publisher of this game, causing the Cooking Mama series to enter an abrupt hiatus.


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